100 Bizarre Animals - 100 Animales extraños - Bradt

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100 Bizarre Animals.

100 Animals extraños.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Mike Unwin.
1ª edición. Setiembre 2010.
152 Páginas. 152 Páginas de fotos a color.
ISBN: 9781841623009.

Some animals just look weird. Take the mandrill, whose outrageous face is coloured to mimic its genitals, or the star-nosed mole whose nose sprouts 22 fleshy tentacles. Others behave strangely – a mallee fowl builds huge mounds of rotting vegetation in which to incubate its eggs. Some are plain ingenious, such as the fog-basking beetle which stands on its head to drink from fog on the breeze (the fog condenses on its body and then trickles down to its mouth), or the cartwheeling spider which turns itself into a wheel to roll down sand dunes when it needs to make a sharp exit. Then there's the horned toad, which squirts blood from its eyes at attackers and the African egg-eating snake which has to dislocate its jaw to eat an egg three times bigger than its head. With glorious – and sometimes grotesque – full-colour photography throughout, 100 Bizarre Animalscelebrates the antics and appearance of the world's wackiest creatures.

  • Follows Bradt's successful 100 Animals to See Before They Die, co-written by the same author
  • A compendium of the 100 weirdest and most wonderful animals on earth with over 160 colour photographs
  • Divided into sections on getting around, grabbing a bite, staying alive, showing off, passing it on and living together