2012 Tibetan Art Calendar

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Wisdom Publications
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2012 Tibetan Art Calendar.

ISBN: 978-0-86171-425-4.
Páginas: 12.
Tamaño: 606 x 422mm.

The ever-popular calendar from Wisdom Publications, comprising full-colour reproductions of paintings from the Indo-Tibetan thangka tradition, detailed iconographic descriptions provided by Dr.Olaf Czaja.

These sacred paintings by Tibet's master painters represent a variety of classical images, deities, mandalas, and icons, which have been brought together from amongst the world`s finest thangkas from museums and private collections.

This year's calendar includes: Green Tara, Four-Armed Mahakala in the tradition of Nyima Ozer, Vajrasattva and the peaceful deities of the bardo, Padmasambhava and the Konchuk Chidu treasury (on the cover) from the Nyingma master and terton Yatson Nyingpo, the story of Punyabala, Kubera (the lord of horses), Chemchok Heruka and the wrathful deities of the bardo, Yama Dharmaraja, Four-Armed Sridevi Dusolma, Chemchok Heruka, Buddha Shakyamuni and the Miracles of Shravasti, Four-Faced Mahakala, and Vajradhara and the Sakya Lamdre Lineage.

All these images are suitable for framing later.