242 El Hierro- Kompass - Mapa senderista Islas Canarias

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242 El Hierro.
Mapa senderista de la isla de El Hierro. Islas Canarias. Escala 1:30.000.
Mapa + Miniguía (en alemán). Valverde y La Restinga (1:5.000), El Pinar (1:10.000) y área de la Frontera - Tigaday (1:20.000).

ISBN: 978-3-854-91194-4.

Formato: Mapa doblado.
Mapa doblado: 11 x 18 cm.
Tamaño: 99 x 85 cm.

El Hierro in a series of maps of the Canary Islands from Kompass, Europe’s leading publisher of detailed, contoured hiking maps. Excellent also for exploring each island on bike or by car, the maps highlight numerous hiking trails, indicating difficult sections, and show cycle routes. A wide range of symbols highlight various facilities and places of interest, including campsites and youth hostels, beaches, sport and leisure facilities, etc. The maps have a UTM grid for GPS users. Map legends included English. Street plans of main towns or holiday resorts are also provided.

In this title: contour lines are at 100m intervals, with relief shading and spot heights. Local bus stops are marked. The map has a UTM grid. Street plans show Valverde and La Restinga (1:5,000), El Pinar (1:10,000) and the Frontera - Tigaday area (1:20,000).

Please note:
The map comes with an illustrated booklet, in German only, describing the main sights. The booklet is not available in English edition.