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Africa: Healthy Travel Guide.
África: Guía de viaje y salud.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
2ª edición / Julio 2008.
ISBN: 9781740591430.
456 páginas / 5 mapas.
Dr. Isabelle Young , Dr. Tony Gherardin.
An African holiday should be spent in the wild, not in the emergency ward. This guide to healthy travel covers immunisation, medical kits, how to stay healthy and what to do if problems arise. It''s like having a mini-medic in your pocket.

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- tailored advice for travellers of all ages and needs.
- clear guidelines on treating common travel illnesses.
- how to avoid wildlife hazards, from insects to hippos.
- safety tips for outdoor action, including safaris and trekking.
- comprehensive first-aid section.