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Africa Travel Guide.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
12ª edición / Julio 2010.
ISBN: 9781741049886.
1216 páginas / 8 páginas a color / 251 mapas.
Anthony Ham , Mary Fitzpatrick , Jean-Bernard Carillet , Alan Murphy , Tom Masters , Kate Armstrong , Paul Clammer , Matthew D. Firestone , Tim Bewer , James Bainbridge , Nana Luckham , Adam Karlin , Stuart Butler , Helen Ranger , Donna Wheeler , Emilie Filou , Katharina Lobeck Kane , Kate Thomas , Nicola Simmonds.
Whether you're a hardened African veteran or a wide-eyed first timer, this is a continent that cannot fail to get under your skin. Our 12th edition takes you on a Serengeti safari, reveals the best spot to view Victoria Falls and tells you where to see surfing hippos. Whether you're after big-name highlights or lesser-known adventures, this guide has got it all covered.
  • 251 Maps
  • WILDLIFE guide reveals the continent's top spots for animal encounters
  • EXPLORE with itineraries covering Cairo to Cape Town and everywhere in-between
  • GREEN INDEX helps to make your travels more ecofriendly
  • THE ONLY GUIDEBOOK that covers the entire African Continent