Alta Ruta excursionista - Del Mont Blanc al Cervino/Matternhorn

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The Walker''s Haute Route. Mont blanc to the Matterhorn.
Alta ruta excursionista. Del Mont Blanc al Cervino (Matterhorn).
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Alexander Stewart.
ISBN 978-1-905864-08-9.
1ª edición.
256 páginas.
50 mapas.
43 fotos a color.
120 mm. x 180 mm.
The Alps offer almost unlimited adventure, and the Walker’s Haute Route is probably the best way of getting deep into these spectacular mountains. Trekking from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland, you’ll traverse one of the finest stretches of the Pennine Alps. A challenging 13-day walk over 11 ridges in 113 miles (180kms), it isn’t technically demanding and the rewards are immense.

50 detailed trail maps - with comprehensive route descriptions.

Unique mapping features – walking times, directions, tricky junctions, places to stay, places to eat, points of interest, all written directly on to the maps themselves.

Itineraries for all walkers – whether hiking the entire route or sampling highlights on day walks or short breaks; includes detailed public transport information for all access points.

Accommodation and restaurants – reviews of places to stay and eat at all budgets: the pick of the gîtes, hotels and restaurants on The Walker''s Haute Route.

Guides and town maps for Chamonix & Zermatt - including nine maps of day walks in the mountains surrounding Zermatt.

Useful words & phrases - in both Swiss-French and Swiss-German.