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Amazon Highlights.

Peru· Ecuador· Colombia· Brasil
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Roger Harris.
Rústica, 296 páginas.
A todo color, 12 mapas.
Publicat: Noviembre 2011.
ISBN: 9781841623740.
Formato: 216mm x 135mm.

The Amazon is the world's biggest rainforest, falling within the confines of nine countries and luring millions of visitors. Trying to decide where to go is a challenge for any traveller. Should you visit the Iguaçu Falls in Brazil, or Peru's Pongo de Manseriche? Should your base be in Manaus or Iquitos? Where can you see a giant otter or swim with pink dolphins? Amazon Highlights cuts through the vast array of options. It showcases the best of the region – example itineraries and ideal starting points, a selection of 'tried and tested' lodges, and a review of leading tour operators and tour guides. Full-colour, it also serves as a handy field guide to the animals and plants most frequently seen in the Amazon.

Introduction ix

1. History and People 3
History 4
People 10

2. The Natural World 17
The Origins of the Amazon 19
Geography 21
Climate and weather 25
Flora 27

3. Wildlife Highlights 49
Biodiversity in the Amazon 50
Mammals 51
Birds 66
Reptiles 84
Amphibians 91
Insects and other invertebrates 97
Aquatic life 111

4. Planning a tour 123
When to visit 124
Organising your trip 125
Your tour: 10 top Amazon experiences 138
Red tape 141
Getting there 141
Health and safety 142
What to take 144
Organising your finances 146

5 On the Ground 149
Health and safety in the Amazon 150
Banking and foreign exchange 157
Viewing wildlife 158
Photography 158
Eating and drinking 161
Shopping 165
Media and communications 166
Business and time 166
Cultural etiquette 168

Amazon Highlights 169

6 The Peruvian Amazon 171
Iquitos 172
Manu National Park and environs 186
Peruvian cloudforests 191
Peruvian canopy experiences 193

7 The Brazilian Amazon 201
Manaus 203
Further afield 217

8 The Colombian Amazon 229
Leticia 230
Tres Fronteras 236
Amacayacu National Park 238
Palmari Nature Reserve 241

9 The Ecuadorian Amazon 243
National parks and wildlife reserves 244
Major cloudforest areas 256

Language 262
Selected reading 269
Websites 274
Index 277