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Callejero de Ámsterdam. Holanda. Amsterdam 1:11.000, Amsterdam Centro 1:6.000, Gran Amsterdam 1:100.000, Transporte público, Mapa administrativo de los Países Bajos. Escala 1:11.000. Idiomas: Varios.

Our soft-laminated map of Amsterdam in the 7th edition includes: Amsterdam 1:11 000, Central Amsterdam 1:6 000, Greater Amsterdam 1:100 000, Public Transport, The Netherlands administrative, 30 top sights, interesting statistics, conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures, climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity and much more.

The capital city of the Netherlands is also its financial and cultural center, although not its seat of government or monarchy (which is The Hague). Once the center of the world economy, the Dutch capital is today known as one of the most romantic and charming cities in Europe. Renowned for its bohemian flair, this multicultural melting pot of international inhabitants, tolerance, canals, boats, bridges, charming architecture, "coffee shops", bicycles, tulips, and so much more, can be visited all year round due to it''s agreeable climate. This city is friendly, charming, and has it all!