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Mapa de Arabia Saudita. Escala 1:1.750.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés.
ISBN: 978-1-553-41389-9.
1:1,750,000 scale 1st Edition, double-sided. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not welcome non-Muslim visitors, though it is becoming numbed by trying to comprehend thousands of young American servicemen! We spent a lot of time making this map because we knew that it would not be practical to explore the country freely. It is a lovely map of a part of the world most of us will never be able to visit, but the world is changing and so are the Saudis. This map shows the country's attributes as favourably as we could, and we would welcome input to improve future editions. It is my hope that, one day, all people will be equally welcome in this great land.