Azerbaijan with Georgia - Guía de viaje de Azerbayán con Georgia

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Azerbaijan with Georgia.
Azerbayán con Georgia.
Idioma: inglés.
Autor: Mark Elliott.
3a edición.
368 páginas.
190 mapas.
40 fotos en color.
Perched beside the oil-rich Caspian Sea, compact, hospitable Azerbaijan is astounding in its scenic variety. Painted moonscape deserts, snow-capped Caucasian peaks, subtropical forests and flower-filled grasslands all lie within a few hours? drive of Baku, the artistically-vibrant, cosmopolitan capital with its UNESCO-recognized walled Old City.

Since the first edition in 1999 this map-packed book has become the definitive guide for visitors and residents alike. Now in its expanded and fully-updated third edition it?s more practical than ever.
Practical information ? Visas, getting to Azerbaijan, where to stay, where to eat.

Sights and excursions ? Discover bubbling mud volcanoes, linguistically-unique stepped villages, ruined castles, a flaming hillside and fire-temple, iron-wood forests, water that ?catches fire?, ?magical? rocks kissed smooth by superstitious wish-seekers. On foot, by car, 4WD, bus, train or horse be among the first tourists to explore delightful Azerbaijan since Noah sailed across the country 5000 years ago, his Ark carving a great gash through Nakhchivan?s Snake Mountain.

190 maps ? Includes even more maps, illustrated with over 160 sketches and diagrams. As well as showing hotels, restaurants, bus stops etc, these maps also include landmarks at key unsigned junctions to help motorists and hikers.

History, language, cultural tips.

Excursions to neighbouring Georgia.