Baja & Los Cabos - Guía de viaje de Baja California y los Cabos

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Baja California & Los Cabos travel guide.

Baja California y Los Cabos.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Dimensiones: 128 mm x 197 mm.
7ª edición, Agosto 2007.
ISBN: 9781741045642.
308 páginas, 12 páginas a color, 36 mapas.
Autores: Danny Palmerlee.
The mere mention of sun-soaked Baja makes your muscles turn to toffee. Kayak off the coast of La Paz, snorkel through coral, whale watch, bird spot, beachcomb - chill out. Crack open a caguama (that's Baja for beer) and get a front row seat for the show-stopping sunset.

This guide covers:Baja, Los Cabos.

  • More off-track coverage than any other guidebook
  • Special surfing chapter written by Surfer magazine editor Jake Howard
  • The truth behind Baja's world-renowned invention, the Caesar salad!
  • The best of Baja accommodation