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Mapa de Barbados. Escala 1:40.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés.
ISBN: 9781553411253.

ITMB first published a map of Barbados a number of years ago. We withdrew it from sale to avoid legal complications. Thanks to satellite imagery, we are now able to re-introduce a completely new map of this popular travel destination at an excellent scale, with an inset map of Bridgetown, using our own digital data base files. In addition to showing the roads that criss-cross the island and lead to such interesting villages as Glebe Land, Mile and a Quarter, and Mose Bottom, the map shows all known resort hotels, beaches, dive sites, and historic country manor houses. Barbados is a very friendly island, with its historic capital of Bridgetown providing a ‘touch’ of old Britain, while providing the best shopping in the Caribbean. Printed on paper, single-sided.