Bed in a Tree and Other Amazing Hotels from Around the World

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Bed In a Tree: Eyewitness Travel.
Bed in a Tree and Other Amazing Hotels from Around the World.
Hoteles asombrosos alrededor del mundo.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Bettina Kowalewski.
Publicado: 23 noviembre 2009.
Formato: Rústica , 240 páginas.
ISBN-13: 9781405334976.
Bed in a Tree offers a handpicked selection of 27 weird and extraordinary hotels from around the world each offering an unforgettable and original place to stay. Hotels include the Ice Hotel in Sweden, an actual bed in a tree in South Africa, an aeroplane in New Zealand, a snooze in a suitcase in Germany and even a night in a stone pineapple in Scotland! The guide is written by Bettina Kowalewski, a travel journalist and photographer who has developed a passion for seeking out the most unusual hotels from around the world and discovering the astonishing stories behind their creation. You'll find practical advice on getting to each hotel as well as three interesting and often unusual activities to do nearby. The guide features venues for a memorable forty winks for all budgets and levels of luxury with a 10% discount at many of the selected hotels. Bed in a Tree is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a unique travel experience.