Best Road Trips of America - I - Rutas en moto por EE.UU.

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Best Road Trips of America Vol I.
Rutas en moto por EE.UU. Vol I.
Aventura en América.
Edición: 2006.
ISBN-13: 978-0-967-47379-6.
What looks like a high-quality folded road map is actually that and much more: your adventure guide to some of America's most beautiful road trips. This map describes epic trips for those who dream big, the most memorable one to two-week long trips in the United States. Volume 1 includes nine road trips: Pacific Challenge, Wild West Ride, Four Corners Connection, Texas Roundup, Ozark Odyssey, Florida Escape, Smoky Mountains Adventure, Great Lakes Excursion, New England Independence Run. Each scenic loop is color-coded and includes turn-by-turn directions, descriptions of roads, mileage markers, filling stations, and safety tips. The map locates great roadhouses, restaurants, wineries, and farm stands along the way. Other points of interest include recommended campgrounds and scenic recreational areas that road-loving travelers can choose from quickly and easily. Also included are MAD Map "Favorites," off-beat points of interest and unusual sights. An excellent resource whether you journey by automobile or motorcycle.

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