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Bhutan / Bután Panorama. Spezial.

Autor: Harald N. Nestroy.
ISBN: 9783898232890.
Tamaño: 31 x 25 cm.
160 páginas con 100 fotos color a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés.
Since 1987, photographer and diplomat Harald N. Nestroy has travelled twelve times to all regions of the Buddhist kingdom Bhutan. This is all the more remarkable, since the Himalayan country that is so utterly unknown to us, allows only a few foreign visitors annually. In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Nestroy portrays monasteries and the people's everyday life. As the chairman of the society 'Pro Bhutan', Harald N. Nestroy is also very involved in world-wide efforts to support the "Land of the Thunder Dragon".