Bhután - Reino de montañas en el Himalaya - Guía de viaje

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Bhutan. Himalayan Mountain Kingdom.
Bhután. Himalaya.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha Publicación : Abril 2007.
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Edición : 5ª edición revisada.
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On the rooftop of the world, shoe-horned into the Grand Himalayas, Bhutan - or Thunder Dragon - is a fiercely independent kingdom. Isolated, charming, peaceful and religious, the Bhutanese are a pragmatic, sensitive people who take from the West what will benefit their country and leave the rest. Only 4,000 tourists will visit the kingdom in any one year and they are strictly monitored by a government that cares deeply for its people, environment and heritage. The countryside is pristine, the lifestyle and culture have been preserved for centuries, and the love of life is abundant among the people. Few outsiders know Bhutan as intimately as Francoise Pommaret; her guidebook takes you on an incredible journey of discovery and adventure; her love of the people and the place shines through; her in-depth knowledge helps aid our understanding of why this unique land has long remained one of Asia''s deepest mysteries and best-kept secrets.