Brisbane/Queensland -Mapa de viaje de Brisbane- Plano callejero

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Brisbane - Plano de la ciudad. Australia. Escala Brisbane 1:10.000 / Queensland 1:3.600.000. Idioma: Inglés. Año: 2008. Resistente al agua.

Brisbane and Queensland Travel Reference Map.
1:10,000/3,600,000 scale, 1st edition, 2008 – ITMB''s latest title explores Australia''s northeast, with a very detailed map of Brisbane on one side and an equally informative map covering the State of Queensland on the reverse. The city coverage is from Albion Park in the north to the university in the south. The bus-ways and river ferry routes are shown, as are the to-be-expected ITM features of hotels, shopping areas, parks, and rail lines. The detailed Queensland map is lifted from our ITM Australia map and actually covers NSW and South Australia as well as Queensland. Printed double-sided, on paper.