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Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp & Ghent Encounter.
Bruselas, Brujas, Amberes y Gante.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Catherine Le Nevez.
Colección: Encounters.
192 páginas.
Fecha publicación: 01/09/2008.
1ª edición.
ISBN: 978-1-74104-921-3.
Formato: Rústica.
Tamaño: 10,6 x 19,7 cm.
The Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp & Ghent Encounter guide gives you twice the cities in half the time. Psst! The secret's out: there's more to Belgium than chocolate and beer. Delve a bit deeper and you'll discover cities brimming with art, parks, markets and unexpected charm. This pared-down number is ideal for quick trips - it's less accommodation, more neighbourhood highlights and the best of local knowledge.