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Callejero de la ciudad de Bruselas. Bélgica. Incluye planos de: Bruxelles / Brussel 1:12 000, Centro 1: 10 900, Bruxelles & Région 1: 100 000, Transportes públicos, administrativo de Bélgica. Escala 1:12.000. Idiomas: Varios. Año: 2007.

Our soft-laminated map of Brussels includes: Brussels 1:12 000, Brussels Center 1: 10 900, Grand’ Place / Grote Markt, Brussels Region 1:100 000, Public Transport Brussels, Belgium administrative; interesting statistics, conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures; climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity; shows Top Sights, hotels, museums, markets, public transport and much more.

Brussels is actually considered the capital city of the European Union because of the numerous EU institutions which have their main headquarters there. Apart from being the capital city of Belgium, Brussels is the capital of the French Community of Belgium and the capital of Flanders - both the Flemish Region and the Flemish Community. A European metropolis situated almost directly in the center of the small country. Other European level organisations with their main seat in Brussels include the Western European Union(WEU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). Outstanding trademarks of Brussels include the Grande Place - a beautiful gothic market ensemble, the recently renovated Atomium from the 1958 World Exposition and "Manneken Pis" - the child of the city - a fountain depicting a little boy . Brussels is synonymous for exquisite cuisine, delicious chocolates and intricate lacework. Worthwhile museums, galleries, Art Deco architecture, fine shopping, and nightlife with international flair are waiting to be experienced in Brussels - Europe par excellance!