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Buenos Aires & Northern Argentina.
Mapa de Buenos Aires y el Norte de Argentina. Argentina. Escala 1:12.500 / 1:2.200.000. Idioma: Inglés. 2008.

Buenos Aires & Northern Argentina Map.
ITMB has re-worked the information on South America’s popular travel destination to include extra hotels, extensions to rapid transit lines, and we have changed the colours to make the map more readable. The BIG change to this edition is to add the northern half of Argentina to the other side, making this map much more useful for visitors planning trips to Salta and Cordoba as well as BA. By chance, most of Uruguay has also been included; printed double-sided, on paper.
Legend Includes: Roads by classification, parks, attractions, points of interests, tourist information, hospitals, universities, embassies, stadiums, post offices, museums, churches, cinemas, and other information.