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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Ben West.
Rústica, 272 páginas.
16 páginas con fotos a color y 23 mapas.
Publicado: Julio 2011 (3ª edición).
ISBN: 9781841623535.
Formato: 216 mm x 135 mm.

The new edition of Cameroon features every aspect of travel in the little-known west African country. Cameroon offers 'pygymy' hunting camps deep in the rainforest, Arabic-speaking trading towns, ancient tribal kingdoms, mountain scenery, and fabulous beaches. Its varied population bears Muslim, Christian, British and French influences and although officially bilingual, around 160 different African dialects are spoken.
Wildlife watching is a prime reason for visiting this corner of West Africa: this book incorporates a useful field guide to the main species of animals in Cameroon, recommendations on birding from experts and the best habitats to be found in the reserves, national parks and conservation areas.

Chapter 1 Background Information
Chapter 2 Natural History
Chapter 3 Planning your Trip
Chapter 4 Travelling in Cameroon
Chapter 5 Health
Chapter 6 Littoral Province
Chapter 7 Southwest Province
Chapter 8 West Province
Chapter 9 Northwest Province
Chapter 10 Centre Province
Chapter 11 South Province&
Chapter 12 East Province
Chapter 13 Adamawa Province
Chapter 14 North Province
Chapter 15 Exreme North Province
Appendix 1 Language
Appendix 2 Charitable Organisations Working in Cameroon
Appendix 3 Birding Site Guide
Appendix 4 Further Information

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