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Islas Canarias.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Lucy Corne.
1ª edición.
352 páginas. 8 fotos a color. 48 mapas.
This guide to the Canary Islands reveals a side often disregarded by sunshine-seeking holidaymakers with a wealth of information geared towards the independent traveller wishing to explore individual islands. Covering the fascinating cultural history of the seven larger islands, eyes are also opened to the little-explored archipelago of Chinijo, on which there is presently sparse information. Explore beyond the familiar hotels and beaches to discover breathtaking hikes, hidden beaches and gems of the islands that have never before made it on to a map. Invaluable to the visitor who wishes to experience the islanders'' way of life, but also a rich resource for any armchair traveller.

- Covers all the Canary Islands on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

- Rare insights into the local history and culture, plus personal anecdotes.

- Activities including hiking, biking and local sports.

- Practical information on island transport, accommodation and eating out.

- Exploring off the beaten track.