Canyoning in Southern Europe - Guía Canyoning - Sur de Europa

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Canyoning en el Sur de Europa.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Cañones clásicos en España, Francia e Italia.
Autor: John Bull.
1ª edición.
Publicado 22 Abril 2008.
Dimensiones 17,2 x 11,6 x 1,2cm.
Seasons: Year round in the warmer areas (Costa Blanca, Mallorca, Sardinia); winter best avoided in other areas.Centres: Spain: Rodellar (Sierra de Guara); Benidorm, Alicante (Costa Blanca); Palma, Soller (Mallorca); France: Castellane, Moustierres (Verdon); Italy: Nuoro, Dorgali, Cala Gonone (Sardinia). Difficulty: All routes graded for difficulty and quality. From easy hiking and wading to routes including long abseiling pitches and technical cave sections. Must See: Rio Vero, Barranco de Mascún Superior, Oscuros de Balcés, Torrente de Gorg Blau et Sa Fosca, upper section of the Verdon Gorge.
Canyoning – the descent of natural gorges by a mixture of hiking, scrambling, swimming and abseiling – is a spicy mix of the fun and the adventurous. This is a guide to canyoning in the limestone areas of the western Mediterranean, stretching from the Costa Blanca via the Pyrenees to Provence, Sardinia and Mallorca. Selective in nature, it includes a selection of recommended gorge descents, ranging from two-hour strolls to long-day aquatic expeditions.

The more technical expeditions invariably involve abseiling and scrambling. Yet most canyons are within reach for anyone in possession of these skills and, in the case of wet canyons, a one-piece wetsuit. The friendly Mediterranean canyons are great places to ''learn the ropes'', and the guide therefore provides a basic grounding in techniques and skills for the less experienced.

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