Cariboo - Chilcotin - Mapa de viaje, turístico y carreteras

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Mapa de Cariboo - Chilcotin. Columbia Británica. Canadá. Escala 1:300.000. Idioma: Inglés. 2008. Resistente al agua.

1st edition, 2008, 1:300,000 scale – ITMB is pleased to release the most recent recreational travel map for British Columbia, part of our goal of mapping this province comprehensively. The Cariboo district is immediately west of the Wells Gray region (released earlier this year), and the Chilkotin is west of the Cariboo. When combined with the yet-to be-released Tweedsmuir Park region (one week), we will have comprehensive mapping for central BC. This map covers the popular resort lakes of Bonaparte and Canim, follows the Fraser River north to Quesnel, and maps for the first time the wilderness western reaches of the province – Chilco Lake, the Itcha Range, and the Blackwater River. All known hiking trails, forestry campsites, parks, fishing areas, resorts, and canoeing areas are included on the map; printed double-sided on paper;