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Chile Highlights.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Tim Burford.
Rústica, 288 páginas.
272 páginas con fotos a color, 10 mapas incluidos.
Publicado: Diciembre 2012.
ISBN: 9781841624082.
Formato: 216mm x 135mm.

Chile has some of the most dramatic scenery in the world and trying to decide where to go is a challenge. Attractions range from the Atacama, the world driest desert, to the snow-capped Andes mountain range, coastal rainforest, glaciers and world-class vineyards. This compact Highlights guide summarises the country's top spots and helps travellers select the best route for an organised tour or self-drive trip. It condenses into one guide material not otherwise available from a single source. Tim Burford outlines specialist holidays, hotels, restaurants, top ten souvenirs and how you can give back to the community. Detailed maps include 'the top spots' - six places most favoured by tour operators.

Introduction vi
Introducing Chile 1
1 Background 2
History 5
People and culture 18
2 The Natural World 24
Geography and climate 26
Habitats and vegetation 31
Wildlife 36
3 Planning a Trip 52
When to visit 54
Itinerary planning 56
Your itinerary: 12 top attractions 62
Red tape 68
Getting there 69
Health and safety 70
What to take 72
Organising your finances 74
4 On the Ground 76
Health and safety in Chile 78
Banking and foreign exchange 82
Eating and drinking 83
Shopping 89
Media and communications 92
Car rental and internal flights 94
Cultural etiquetteHighlights 97
5 Santiago 98
History 100
Central Santiago highlights 104
Outer Santiago highlights 109
6 Central Chile 118
Valparaíso and around 120
Viña del Mar and around 132
Portillo 137
7 Northern Chile 138
Norte Chico 140
Norte Grande 146
On the altiplano 166
8 Santiago to the Lakes District 172
South of Santiago 174
Araucanía and the Lakes District 190
9 Chiloé and the Carretera Austral 218
Chiloé 220
Aysén and the Carretera Austral 227
10 Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego 236
Magallanes 239
Tierra del Fuego 250
11 Easter Island 256
History 259
Easter Island highlights 261
Language 268
Further Information 272
Index 277