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Mapa de Chile. Escala 1:1.130.000. Idioma: Inglés. 2008.

Chile Travel Reference Map.
South America.
1st Edition, waterproof, scale: 1:1,130,000 – At last! ITMB''s long-awaited map of one of the most important countries in South America has arrived. As Lan says "A map is ready when it''s ready and not a minute sooner". Kevin Healey and I started mapping the South American continent in 1985 and prepared 18 titles before his untimely death in 1994. We now have 55 titles dedicated to Latin America. Chile is probably the most difficult country in the world to map as a country and retain detail. Lan has developed a sectional approach that not only makes the best use of the page size, but has allowed us to show considerably more detail than any other map in print. The north half of the country is covered on two long panels on one side, and the south on three panels on the other side. We have done our best to portray this complicated country, showing roads and road conditions to be as accurate as possible, with parks, museums, airports, border posts, important touristic sites, and hot springs; printed double-sided on ITM plastic paper, this map is dedicated to the memory of Kevin, who dedicated his life to South America.