Colombia - Bradt - Guía de viaje

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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Sarah Woods.
Rústica, 496 páginas.
16 páginas de fotos a color y 43 mapas.
Publicado: Enero 2012 (2ª edición).
ISBN: 9781841623641.
Formato: 216mm x 135mm.
With its jagged, volcanic peaks; sands of gold, black and silver; palm-trimmed Pacific and Caribbean coastlines; tufted fields of coffee; dense jungles, snow-capped mountains and idyllic islands; numerous indigenous cultures and exciting buzzing cities, Colombia is ‘ten countries in one’: a diverse and little-explored succession of eye-popping geological highlights on one of Latin America’s most varied terrains. Now in its second edition Bradt’s Colombia enchants flora and fauna fanatics and provides plenty of first-hand insight into striking colonial cities, rainforests, beaches, historic villages and secret gems.

(1) Introduction
(2) Chapter 1 Background Information
(3) Chapter 2 Practical Information
(4) Chapter 3 Bogotá
(5) Chapter 4 North of Bogotá
(6) Chapter 5 Los Llanos
(7) Chapter 6 San Andrés Archipelago
(8) Chapter 7 Amazonia
(9) Chapter 8 The Southwest Interior
(10) Chapter 9 The Northwest Interior
(11) Chapter 10 The Pacific Coast
(12) Chapter 11 The Atlantic Coast
(13) Appendix 1 Amazon Natural History
(14) Appendix 2 Language
(15) Appendix 3 Further Information
(16) Index