Congo: Democratic Republic and Republic - The Bradt Travel Guide

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Congo: Democratic Republic and Republic.
Congo: República Democrática y República.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Sean Rorison.
MARZO 2008.
1º edición.
240 páginas. 15 fotos a color. 30 mapas.
The first full guidebook on both Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the People''s Republic of Congo (PRC) in well over a decade, the Bradt guide provides full coverage of the major cities and national parks of the two countries.

The Congos encompass Africa’s largest area of intact rainforest. Two eastern national parks, both World Heritage Sites, protect not only the mountain gorilla but the critically endangered eastern lowland gorilla as well. One of the last bastions in Africa for the seriously adventurous traveller, the Congos are open to serious travellers. The Bradt guide tells you how to travel both adventurously and safely.

- Getting around overland, river routes, flight information.
- Essential information on safe regions and travel restrictions.
- Detailed listings of hotels and restaurants for all budgets.