Costa Rica y Panamá-ITMB- Altas de viaje, turístico y carreteras

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Atlas de viaje de Costa Rica y Panama. Escala 1:300.000. Idiomas: Inglés. 2009. 114 páginas.

ISBN: 978-1-553-41188-8.
1st Ed. 2009, 114pg. Scale 1:300,000. This is the fourth book atlas released by ITMB. For many years now, our folded map of Costa Rica has been a best-selling title. With tourism to Panama growing in leaps and bounds, and political/economic boundaries dropping between the two powerhouses of Central America, a combined cartographic product makes sense. The scale of this book is reasonably similar to that of the map of Costa Rica, but for Panama, the enhanced scale is very significant. Naturally, given the scale of the artwork, the detail is exceptional. The book, being a convenient size to carry in a back pack or a car glove compartment, is easy to use, readable, and convenient. The hard card cover protects the book on the retail shelves and provides durability for the maps. Finally, the cost for the end user is less than the cost of buying two maps. This book approach makes so much sense that I can’t imagine why we didn’t do it sooner.