Cozumel. Mapa de submarinismo

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Cozumel guide map. Diving Map.

Mapa de submarinismo. Cozumel.

ISBN: 99781601901088.
Fecha de publicación: 2010-07-01.
11 x 22 cm.
Waterproof recreational map for scuba divers, snorkelers, explorers, tourists and everyone who loves Cozumel. Provides conditions and attractions at scuba diving sites. Includes illustrations and common names (in English and Spanish) of Caribbean Sea creatures. Shows snorkeling sites, archeological sites, major roads, unpaved roads, places of interest. Chart of average air and surface water temperatures by month. On reverse: map of Downtown San Miguel and a cross-section illustration of Cozumel's reef with reef features described. Inset map of Chankanaab Marine National Park. Color photographs. Chart of emergency services with phone numbers for divers. Icons locate dive sites, dive shops, snorkel sites, hotels/resorts.