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Crete - Travel, touristic and road map - Borch

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Touristic and road map of Crete. Greece. Includes: Crete (West) 1:200.000, Crete (East) 1:200.000, Irŕklio 1:7.000, Ágios Nikólaos 1:6.000, Chaniá 1:10 000, Ierápetra 1:10.000, Knossós, Réthimno 1:9.000, Samariá Gorge 1:90.000, Sitía 1:7.000, Gávdos 1:200.000. Scale 1:200.000. Languages: Several. 2009.
Crete is more than just another Greek island, it is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the cradle of ancient Mediterranean civilization. By as early as 2000 B.C. the Minoans had set up a base for their international trade with the East, Northern Africa and Europe, and it was Sir Arthur Evans who, in the early 20th century, dug up the first finds at the Palace of Knossos, before which the legendary palace had been no more than a mark on the mythological map. Despite experiencing brutal occupation in the past, modern-day Crete is blessed with peace, wealth and fertility. Aside from it''s touristically developed regions, which can make it seem as though one were anywhere other than Greece, Crete''s treasures include its cultural heritage and impressive archaeological sites; scenery of breathtaking natural beauty; spectacular mountains and ravines; idyllic fishing villages, particularly along the southern coast; splendid beaches and coastlines dominated by hypnotically blue seas; the famous Cretan diet which is said to be the healthiest in the world; a lifestyle in which olives and olive oil play a significant role; and - above all - the warm hospitality of the proud Cretan people.