Crete: The White Mountains

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Crete: The White Mountains.
Creta: Las montañas Blancas.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Guía de trekking.
Autor: Loraine Wilson.
1a edición.
1 Mayo 2002.
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7 mapas.
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17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: In theory year round, but winter really is winter and summer can be very hot indeed. Spring and autumn are the most attractive times.Centres: Most access will be through Chania. Villages in the region include Omalos, Souyia, Ayia Roumeli, Loutro, Anopolis and Hora Srakion.Difficulty: From easy to very hard, including a dozen backpacking routes in the high mountains. Managing water supplies is most important.Must See: Samaria Gorge is the best known gorge, but there are 12 others just as good. The central massif is a high limestone region, almost a wilderness.
With an agreeable climate, an amazing landscape and a history stretching back to the start of civilisation, Crete, with its proud but friendly people, makes an outstanding destination. Rising to 2453 metres, the White Mountains are the jewel of Crete''s six mountain ranges.

The guide comprises extensive walking and trekking from the five main trekking centres which are Omalos, Askyfou, Anopolis, northern foothills and the south coast. There are forty-nine walks ranging from spectacular gorge walks and coastal walks to strenuous ascents of the main peaks.

Six mountain ranges make up the backbone of the island, but quite the best is the Lefka Ori, or White Mountains, where several peaks rise to over 2100m (7000ft). Five good walking centres that are connected one with the other by bus or boat are also easily reached by bus from Chania. All are within 2 hours'' journey of the airport.