Cycle Tour around the Limfjord -Guía ruta ciclista por Dinamarca

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Cycle Tour around the Limfjord. Denmark.
Ruta Ciclista alrededor de Limfjord. Dinamarca.
Idiomae: INGLÉS.
Escala: 1:75.000.
611 km.
112 páginas, mapas, mapas de ciudades, alojamiento, índice de localizaciones.
With this description of the Limfjord Route you are ready to cycle round the fjord. The landscape of the Limfjord is constantly changing. In some places water and land imperceptibly become one. In other places the coastal cliffs stand sharp and sheer, rising proudly against the waves of the fjord. There is much to see along the Limfjord Route and at several points the geology of the cliffs is of particular interest. There are also plenty of opportunities along the fjord to take an enjoyable and interesting break. Alternatively you can make a detour to one of the islands that are dotted like pearls in the waters of the Limfjord. The Limfjord Route takes you through a landscape of fertile hills and fjord stretching as far as the eye can see, while in the fields animals graze in peace and tranquillity. The Limfjord Route takes you through small, charming villages but also some larger towns where you can do some sightseeing. Enjoy the smell of the fresh wind blowing over the waters of the Limfjord and also the beaches, where you might even be tempted to take a refreshing dip.