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Danube Bike Trail 2: From Passau to Vienna

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Danube Bike Trail 2: From Passau to Vienna. Austria.
From Passau to Vienna (340 km).
Language: ENGLISH.
Scale 1:50.000.
160 pages, maps, city maps, accomodation list, index of places.
The Danube bicycle route between Passau and Vienna ranks as Europe''s best-known and most-loved bike route - and for good reason. No other section of the river offers as diverse a range of landscapes and cultures or as many historical sites. Tranquil valleys, fertile plains, and steep vineyards line the banks of one of Europe''s great rivers, where pretty farms and glorious abbeys stand side-by-side. The loop of the Danube at Schl÷gen, the abbey at Melk, and the romantic Wachau wine-producing area are just some of the highlights along the 350 kilometer route.