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Danube Bike Trail 3: Vienna to Budapest

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Danube Bike Trail 3: Vienna to Budapest.
Ruta ciclista del Danubi 3: Des de Viena a Budapest.
Danubi Hongarès i Eslovè.
Des de Viena a Budapest.
Idioma: ANGLÈS.
Escala 1:75.000.
128 pàgines, mapes, mapes de ciutats, allotjaments, índex de localitzacions.
The Danube Bicycle Route from Vienna to Budapest is the logical extension of the most popular cycling route in Europe, the Danube Bicycle Route from Passau to Vienna. A little wilder, but just as interesting, the 340-kilometer ride passes through parts of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The cycling tourist can look forward to excellent cycling paths on the dikes that line the Danube in Austria and Slovakia, quiet country roads, pristine villages, and culturally interesting cities like Györ, Tata and Esztergom in Hungary, the Danube?s scenic "knee" north of Budapest, and of course the ancient and exquisite Hungarian capital city itself.