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Dordogne & Lot.

Guía de viaje de Dordoña y Lot.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Michael Pauls y Dana Facaros.
Edición: 1.
ISBN: 9781906098926.
Mapas: 4.
Publicado: Mayo 2010.
Páginas: 288.
The Dordogne takes people by surprise. Green and calm and quiet, at first glance it seems like just another corner of rural France designed for good food, fine wine and easy living. Then they notice that it holds humanity's first great works of art, provocative paintings on the walls of its caves that go back over 15,000 years BC. It's been a busy crossroads ever since. The land of a thousand castles has cinematic medieval donjons and turreted Renaissance châteaux to rival those of the Loire. A dramatic history hasn't kept the Dordogne from polishing the arts of everyday life. There's an inviting cuisine based on duck, foie gras and truffles, and lovely villages of warm golden stone that complement some of France's most civilized landscapes. Including ideas for great days out, locals recommendations and travel tips to avoid the crowds and save money, Footprint's full-colour guide Dordogne & Lot gives an insight into a region that will have you reaching for their passport today.

What the locals say: Suggestions from local people on where to go and what to do
A year in the region: Month-by-month guide to pros and cons of visiting at certain times of the year
Great days out: A series of great driving routes and city walks
Favourite things: The author's personal recommendations of a place of an activity
Pick of the picnic spots: Where to picnic and the best places to buy your goodies