Dueños y Perros - Libro fotografia panorámica - Spezial

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Der Mensch und sein Hund / Master and Dog. Panorama Spezial. Dueños y Perros.
Autor: Karoly Pump.
Tamaño: 13 x 30 cm.
Tapa dura.
120 páginas con 50 fotografías panorámicas color a página completa.
Con textos en Alemán e Inglés.

Designed by Edition Panorama.

Károly Pump concealed his panorama camera in a backpack and mounted it on a child’s scooter to roam Europe''s cities and countrysides. Supreme skill and hard training was necessary to remain unobtrusive while pulling the remote trigger mounted on the handle bar. The images created in this way, show us the relationship of master and dog from the perspective of our four legged friends that is so utterly unknown to us.