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East Timor travel guide.

Timor Oriental.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Dimensions: 128 mm x 197 mm.
2ª Edición, Diciembre 2008.
ISBN: 9781741045895.
122 páginas.
Autores: Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Adam Skolnick.

This book is the work of two authors, 49 days of in-country research, and hundreds of kilometres of back-country research. Get the lowdown on Southeast Asia's newest nation from the only dedicated guidebook to East Timor, a country in transition but still one worth discovering for its beaches, mountains, lush interior and the captivating, Portuguese-flavoured city of Dili. Hanging out with other travellers should not be on your list of things to do here, but meeting amazing and interesting locals and expats should.

  • A guide to the local cuisine - find the best padang dining in Dili, gobble grilled calamari on the beach, or treat yourself with Portuguese custard tarts
  • Recommended accommodation and dining options
  • Escape the Big Smoke for a refreshing dip amongst dugongs and coral reefs, scuba diving off Atauro Island.
  • Find out why everyone wants to get stationed in the sleepy, beautiful enclave of Oecussi
  • Detailed maps and transport information - how to get there and how to get around
  • Confirm the going rate for roadkill, and find out where to go for up-to-date information on road conditions.