Eastern Turkey - Turquía Oriental - Bradt - Guía de Viaje

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Eastern Turkey

Este de Turquía.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Diana Darke.
ISBN: 9781841623399.

A world away from Istanbul, the rugged region of eastern Turkey is now opening up to travellers after years of instability. Here visitors can see churches and entire cities hewn from rock, fairytale castles on looming crags and fantasy palaces built by power-crazed Anatolian chieftains. Turkey expert Diana Darke provides all the essential practical advice on trekking and mountaineering; wildlife and birdwatching; and accommodation and eating options. Bradt's Eastern Turkey is the only guidebook dedicated to this fascinating region and includes first-hand accounts about everything from soaking in thermal pools to the ascent of Turkey's highest peak, Mount Ararat.

  • The first and only in-depth guide to the under-visited region of eastern Turkey
  • Dedicated chapters on bird watching and wildlife
  • Practical advice on trekking and mountaineering with first-hand accounts of volcano-climbing around Mount Ararat and Lake Van
  • Colourful proverbs and quotes from Turkish folklore to entertain and enlighten

  • Table of Contents

      • Introduction
    • Part One: General Information
      • Background Information
        • Geography, Climate, Natural history and conservation, History, Government and politics, Economy, People, Language, Religion, Education, Culture
      • Practical Information
        • When to visit, Highlights, Suggested itineraries, Tour operators, Tourist information, Red tape, Embassies and consulates, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, What to take, Money, Budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating and drinking, Public holidays and festivals, Shopping, Arts and entertainment, Photography, Media and communications, Living and working in Turkey, Cultural etiquette, Travelling positively
    • Part Two: The Guide
      • Ankara and Environs
        • Setting and orientation, History, Climate and when to visit, Getting there, Getting around, Tourist information, Tour operators, Where to stay, Where to eat and drink, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Other practicalities, What to see and do
      • Central Anatolia and the Hittite Heartlands
        • The Hittite heartlands, Boğazkale, Amasya, Tokat, Sivas
      • Central Eastern Turkey and the Euphrates Headwaters
        • Getting there and around, Where to stay, Where to eat, Erzincan, The Euphrates gorges, Detour to Divriği, Onwards to Elazığ, Elazığ, Harput, Pertek, Routes from Elazığ, Malatya, On the way to Cappadocia
      • Cappadocia
        • When to visit, History, Getting there, Getting around, Tourist information, Local tour operators, Where to stay, Where to eat, Shopping and other practicalities, Kayseri, Ürgüp, Ortahisar, Üçhisar, Göreme, Çavuşin, Zilve, Sarihan, Avanos, Özkonak, Soğanli, Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Nevşehir, Hacibektaş, Ilhara Gorge, Guzelyurt, Sultanhani
      • Konya and South to the Coast
        • Konya, South to the coast at Silifke, Silifke, East to Mercin, Mercin, South to the coast at Tarsus, Nigde, Dramatic descent to the Mediterranean, Tarsus
      • South Eastern Turkey, the Tûr Abdin and the Kurdish Heartlands
        • Adana and environs, Adana, From Adana and Antakya, Hatay and Antakya (Antioch), Antakya, South of Antakya, Gaziantep, Towards Urfa, The route to Maras, Nemrut Dagi, Urfa (Sanliurfa), South to Harran, Harran (Altinbasak), East to Diyarbakır, Diyarbakır, Onwards to Mardin, Mardin, The Tûr Abdin, East to Midyat, Midyat, Onwards via Hasankeyf to Lake Van, Hasankeyf, From Batman to Siirt, From Batman to Bitlis, Bitlis
      • Lake Van Region
        • History, Getting there, Getting around, Tourist information, Where to stay, Where to eat, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Other practicalities, What to see, Tatvan, Nemrut Daği crater, Ahlat, Detour to Malazgirt, On to Adilcevaz, Adilcevaz, Suphan Dagi, Remote monasteries south of Lake Van, Akdamar Island, Van, Towards Hakkâri, Çavuştepe, Hoşap, Hakkâri
      • Mount Ararat Region
        • From Van to Mount Ararat (Doğubeyazıt), Doğubeyazıt, The ascent of Ararat
      • North Eastern Turkey and the Georgian Heartlands
        • From Doğubeyazıt to Kars, Igdir, Beyond Igdir, Kars, Ani, Routes north and west, North via Lake Çildir, Ardahan and Savsat to Artvin, Ardahan, The Georgian valleys, Yusefeli, Parhal, Back on the road to Artvin, Artvin, To the Black Sea, On to Hopa, From Kars via Erzurum to Trabzon, Erzurum, Palendoken, From Erzurum to the Black Sea
      • Black Sea Coast
        • History, Getting there, Getting around, Where to stay, Where to eat, Hopa, West from Hopa, Çamlihemsin and Ayder, Rize, Uzungol, Trabzon, Excursions from Trabzon, Trabzon to Erzurum: the Zigana Pass, From Trabzon to Samsun, Giresun, Persembe, Samsun, West to Sinop, Sinop, Kastamonu, Amasra, Safranbolu
      • Appendices
        • Language
        • Glossary
        • Further Information
      • Index
    • Additional Content
      • List of Maps
        • Turkey, Ankara, Central Anatolia and the Hittite heartlands, Boğazkale (Hattusas), Amasya, Sivas, Central eastern Turkey and the Euphrates headwaters, Cappadocia, Kayseri, Göreme open air museum, Ihlara Gorge, Konya and south to the coast, Konya, Southeastern Turkey and the Kurdish heartlands, Antakya, Nemrut Daği, Gaziantep, Urfa, Harran, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Lake Van region, Van, Mt Ararat region, Doğubeyazıt, Northeastern Turkey and the Georgian valleys, Kars, Ani, The Georgian valleys and their monasteries, Erzurum, The Black Sea coast, Trabzon