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El Chorro - Guia d'Escalada - Màlaga - Andalusia - Rockfax

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El Chorro.
Guia d'Escalada. Màlaga. Andalusia.
Idioma: ANGLÈS.
Autor: Mark Glaister.
Publicat: Desembre 2008.
The huge limestone gorge of El Chorro, located in the hills 50km inland from Andalucia’s coastal city of Malaga, is one of Spain’s foremost sport climbing destinations. El Chorro’s huge quantity of brilliant climbs, combined with a pleasant winter climate, easy access and wide range of accommodation has kept it high on the list of the winter-sun venues in Europe for the last two decades.

The development of the cliffs in and around El Chorro village has continued at an impressive rate since the publication of the last Rockfax guide to the area in 2001. This coupled with th expansion of the outlying areas, and the development of new cliffs, has kept the area well furnished with new routes throughout the grade range and offers both the first-timer and the seasoned El Chorro visitor something new to go at.

The latest Rockfax guidebook to El Chorro is the first in the Rockfax series to be solely dedicated to El Chorro and its surrounding crags. The guidebook is illustrated with plenty of action photographs and is presented in the latest Rockfax style with over 1000 routes illustrated on full-colour photo-topos to all of the crags. Comprehensive information on approaches, accommodation, eating and drinking, transportation and other activities, so important to the easy planning and enjoyment of a visit, is also included.

Crags Included:
The following crags will be included in the new guide.
El Chorro:
Las Frontales, Arabe Escalera - Las Encantadas, The Gorge, Los Cotos, El Polvorin, Makinodromo.

Outlying Crags:
Mijas, Túron, Desplomilandia, Valle de Abdalajis, El Torcal, Villanueva de Cauche, Archidona, Loja.