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Euro Velo Map: 12 rutas por Europa en bicicleta.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
ISBN: 9783936990409.
Format: Mapa doblado.
Escala: 1:4.000.000.
Tamaño doblado: 11 x 22 cm.
Tamaño: 110 x 68 cm.
Europe with an overprint highlighting the 12 official EuroVelo cycling routes, already signposted or being prepared by the ECF, the European Cyclists’ Federation, combining 51 cycling associations in 36 countries.

On one side is a map of Europe showing countries with their borders, main towns and the network of principal railway lines plus, where appropriate, ferry connections. Topographic information is limited to very basic colouring for mountain ranges, plus main rivers and lakes. Coverage extends to Moscow and the Scandinavian capitals, with the northern part of Scandinavia shown as an inset at 1:7,500,000.

An overprint shows the EuroVelo Routes, distinguishing between sections with existing EuroVelo signage, national signage, no special signposting, or in preparation.

On the reverse each of the 12 EuroVelo routes is given a description outlining its course, the types of landscape and terrain, etc. Also provided is a list of useful website addresses of various national organizations, bikes-on-trains enquiries, etc.

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