Explorando Phuket y islas Phi Phi - Tailandia - Guía de viaje

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Exploring Phuket & Phi Phi.
Explorando Phuket y las islas Phi Phi. Tailandia.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Oliver Hargreave.
Fecha Publicación: Marzo 2008 .
ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-783-3.
Edición: Primera Edición.
Páginas : 260.
Fotos : 350.
Mapas : 27.

Exploring Phuket and Phi Phi is a fresh, frank, and colorful look at two of Thailand''s most popular tourist destinations. In spite of rising prices and over development much of this former paradise remains natural and delightful. This guide takes the independent traveler on a tour of the islands'' history and natural attractions as well as pointing the way to the best places to stay from charming huts on secluded beaches to swank villas with infinity pools. Detailed maps, color photos, and an engaging insightful text makes this guide an indispensable companion for anyone visiting or thinking of visiting these islands.

+ Behind the hype of Thailand''s most popular tourist destination.

+ The history of Phuket from early European navigators to Chinese tycoons.

+ Detailed information about the beaches, national parks, temples, and cultural attractions.

+ Where to enjoy diving, kayaking, and other acquatic activities.

+ The best of the islands'' accommodation and restaurants.

+ Engaging insightful text written by resident of Thailand.

+ A practical guide for discerning independent travelers.