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Mapa turístico y de carreteras de Francia. Incluye: Francia 1:800.000, Corcega 1:800.000, Francia político, Zonas horarias europeas. Escala 1:800.000. Idiomas: Varios. 2008.

Our soft-laminated folded map of France in the 5th edition shows: France North 1:875 000, France South 1:875 000, Corsica 1: 875 000, France administrative, Europe time zones. Borch Maps are easy to fold, durable and water-repellent with a wipeable surface. Borch Maps show hotels, museums, monuments, markets, public transport, top sights and points of interest, useful statistics, conversion charts for temperatures, weights and measurements, climate charts showing temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity, overview maps, time zones, and much more...

France, one of the largest countries in Western Europe, is bordered by the English Channel, the North Sea and the Benelux countries to the north. To the East the Rhine River creates a natural border, as do the mountains toward Switzerland and Italy down to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with picturesque fishing villages, harbors and seaside resorts. The majestic Pyrenees Mountains separate France from its southerly neighbor, Spain. Rugged, beautiful coastal regions border the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The French Republic is France’s official name, and the French are a democracy-loving people whose ideals are clearly articulated in the slogan of the French Revolution: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". Besides being a highly-developed country with the sixth-largest economy in the world, France is the most popular international tourist destination in the world, boasting more than 75 million foreign tourists annually. Diverse landscapes, leisure and romance, cultural highlights, exquisite fashions and perfumes, fine food and wines - make France an unforgettable destination!