Galapagos: A Natural History Guide

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Galapagos. A Natural History Guide.
Galápagos. Guía de Historia Natural.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha Publicación : Junio 2007.
Categoría : TRAVEL/Natural History.
Edición : 7ª Edición Revisada.
Páginas : 316.
Fotos : 180.
Mapas : 71.
Since its creation in 1968, the Galapagos National Park has been considered by UNESCO as one of the jewels of the planet. Long regarded as a mysterious and desolate archipelago, this wildlife paradise is a true showcase of evolution in action. In recent years, the newly developed Marine Reserve fulfils the ultimate purpose of the National Park Service - protection and conservation of the region, after decades of abuse by illegal fishing. This guide describes the rich human history, the geology and origin of the islands, ''El Nino'' phenomenon, the amazing natural history, villages and the visitors'' sites, with fascinating seabirds, endemic land birds, prehistoric reptiles, playful sea lions and the incomparable enchanting underwater world.