Globo Terráqueo - 30 cm - Cram Tulane Globe

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CRAM Herff Jones
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Globo CRAM Herff Jones 5120-4145 Tulane Globe.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Diámetro: 30 cm.
Base: Metal.
Superficie en relieve.
This handsome 12-inch globe displays political boundaries and vegetation patterns, as well as raised relief. Individual U.S. states are visible, too. The globe is mounted on a green metal base with a full swing meridian. You can turn the globe to upside down for easier reading.

The George F. Cram Company story dates back to 1867, when George Cram, only two years after fighting for the Union in the Civil War, joined his uncle's business of making city and state maps. In 1869 Cram became the first American publisher to produce a world atlas. The Cram name quickly became synonymous with accuracy and innovation. In 1932, the company expanded into manufacturing world globes. Today, the Cram company is considered one of the top leaders in the world globe industry and its globes are present in thousands of schools, homes, and offices around the world.