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Terrestrial Globe - 40 cm - High Decoration - Royal Regent

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Columbus Verlag
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Globe Columbus Royal Antique Regent 224086.

ROYAL REGENT (non-illuminated political / illuminated physical), manually.
Diameter: 40 cm.
Sphere: acrylic globe ball, manually coated.
Base: high-grade steel.
Meridian: high-grade steel.
Inscriptions: ca. 4.800.
EAN: 9783871294280.
The ROYAL map fascinates through the combination of nostalgic style and a political actual map. The colours give a warm light and create a harmonious atmosphere in every home. The map includes a lot of actual information (cold and warm sea currents, ship and railway routes, watercourses etc.).
  • Diameter: 40 cmV
  • Base: metal.
  • Meridian: metal.
  • Sphere: crystal (25 % Pb)
  • Height: 120cm