Globo Terráqueo - Infantil - Tipo peluche - 18 cm - ENGLISH

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Baby Hugg A Planet.
Globo Terráqueo - Infantil - Tipo Peluche - 18 cm - INGLÉS.
Tamaño: 18 cm diametro.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
A soft, huggable 18cm globe made from fibre-filled, sturdy cotton that depicts over 600 place names of the Earth in fantastic detail, allowing children of all ages to not only hug a planet, but learn about it as they play.

They will love to play with this brightly coloured ball - and once worn out by playing with the world they can cuddle up next to it. As for those power hungry adults among us, hankering after world domination, with Hugg-a-Planet, you really can have the whole world in your hands.