Goa Beaches Encounter guide - Guía de viaje de Playas de Goa

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Goa Beaches Encounter guide.

Playas de Goa. Guía de viaje.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Dimensiones: 106 mm x 153 mm.
1ª edición, Setiembre 2009.
ISBN: 9781741794304.
160 páginas a color, 10 mapas.
Autores: Amelia Thomas.
The Goa Beaches guide gives you twice the place in half the time.After that steam massage, are you able to lift your head to see the heavenly sunset? No? But how will you make it to the jewellery markets and wildlife sanctuaries if you don't ever get up? Oh well then...This pared-down number is ideal for quick trips - it's less accommodation, more regional highlights and the best of local knowledge.

  • Full-colour pull-out map and detailed neighbourhood maps
  • Top beaches, forts, churches, markets, massage and wildlife
  • The best places to sample Goa's famous cuisine
  • Interviews with locals reveal the region's secrets