Goa & Mumbai - Guía de viaje de Goa y Mombay - ENGLISH

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Goa & Mumbai Travel Guide.

Language: ENGLISH.
5ª edición / Octubre 2009.
ISBN: 9781741048940.
268 páginas / 12 páginas a color / 48 mapas.
Amelia Thomas , Amy Karafin.
Gorgeous Goa occupies a special place in travel mythology, but its famed beaches and action-packed nightlife are just the beginning. Drag yourself away from the soft white sand, and you'll find interesting architecture to admire, alternative therapies to try, and the tastiest food imaginable!

  • Inspiring trip planner helps you tour the coast your way
  • Expanded South Goa chapter reveals more secluded, idyllic areas
  • Bonus coverage of sights outside Goa, including waterfalls & ruins