GR20 - Corsica - Guía de trekking / senderismo Córcega -Cicerone

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GR20 - Córcega.
Guía de Trekking.
Idioma: INGLÈS.
Autor: Paddy Dillon.
2ª edición.
1 Abril 2006.
240 páginas.
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: Possible mid-May to mid-October; June or September is ideal, with July and August being the hottest, and busiest, months.Centres: Calvi, Vizzavona, Porto Vecchio. Limited accommodation and facilities on or near the route.Difficulty: Isolated mountainous terrain. Challenging trek (with scrambling) for experienced, fit walkers. Backpacking throughout.Must See: Ascent of Monte Cinto, Cirque de la Solitude, Ascent of Paglia Orba.

The GR20, on the mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica, is reputated to be the toughest waymarked trail in Europe. This ambitious route for fit and agile walker covers 190km as it makes a complete traverse through the island''s high mountains. It can be completed in about two weeks, and calls for backpacking the whole way, sometimes with hands-on scrambling along the way. Facilities are limited to a dozen mountain refuges and a mere handful of hotels or gîtes.

The ?classic? route is described in the guide, along with high and low-level alternatives, plus extra mountain climbs.

This guide explains exactly what is involved in following the GR20, including what walkers need to carry. In the past, many have carried too much, or carried the wrong things, or simply had no idea how difficult the route is in places, but this guide reveals everything you need to know. Detailed route descriptions and stunning photographs leave walkers in no doubt as to what is required of them to walk this exceptionally beautiful, dramatic and rugged route.